Wednesday, June 24, 2009


An iPhone App that goes beyond a Task List: Your personal roadmap to the life of your dreams.

IT IS TIME TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY! Dream it, Task it, Track it!

Dream Planner™ helps you organize the process to go from your current reality to the life you dream of. This tool will support you in the planning and execution process of your lifetime dreams and goals. Make your dreams a reality by creating and managing the tasks that will get you there. It will even show you how you are balancing the different areas of your life:

  • - My Relationships (love, family, friends)
  • - My Body
  • - My Career
  • - My Finances
  • - My Community

DreamPlanner™ will also allow you to identify your Maintenance activities: those that do not contribute to your dreams but keep your life going (service the car, clean the patio or call the insurance company).

Dream Planner™ includes a comprehensive Task Tracker, which indicates which activities are past due, due today, within 7 days, long term and undated. All tasks are compiled in your main Task List.

Each area also has a Numeric Goal tracker: Write your ideal weight, income, net worth, hours with family and community hours, then track your progress.

The My Progress tool will show you how much you have accomplished on the road to the life of your dreams, including a numeric tab for figures such as your goal weight and goal salary.

The Life Balance tool will show you what percentage of your tasks are dedicated to each Life Area, so you can analyze and redirect your actions to your ideal balance and toward your dreams.


  1. This is a great app but it keeps crashing which is very frustrating...wouldn't recommend it to anyone..

  2. Looking forward to buying this app when the crash problems are fixed! It's a really good idea with an interface that seems nice. Please, please update the app :)